What Sequester?… Obama Plays Golf, Enjoys NCAA Game, Blows Thousands on Liesurely Saturday

obama golf 3

The White House may be locked up to cut costs but that’s not stopping Barack Obama from having fun and blowing taxpayer dollars.

Yesterday, Barack and his pals went golfing and then over to the Verizon Center to catch an NCAA b-ball game – where he got booed.
White House Dossier reported:


President Obama played golf Saturday for the first time since the sequester took hold, demonstrating that while jobs, White House tours, and a variety of federal priorities can be cut, the president’s recreation is sacrosanct.

While Obama probably pays his green fees, much of the cost of the outing is covered by taxpayers, who fund a large security contingent and the the 50-minute roundtrip motorcade out to the Joint Base Andrews golf course and back.

Obama hit the fairways with his old pal Marty Nesbitt, as well as two younger White House staffers, Marvin Nicholson and Michael Brush.

After playing just over three hours, Obama headed to the Verizon Center in Washington for some more recreation, taking in an NCAA Tournament game between Syracuse and Marquette.

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