Unreal… Obama Tells US Muslim Leaders He’s Not Bringing Mideast Peace Plan Because Israel Not Interested

Barack Obama told a group of US Muslim leaders last week that he is not bringing a peace plan to the Mideast with him because Israel is not interested.

Israelis and Palestinians are skeptical over the success of Obama’s first visit to Israel as president.

Al-Arabiya reported:


As U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel and the West Bank comes close, an official from Washington says the U.S. leader will not bring any peace place as the Jewish state is not ready to make concessions, a newspaper reported Sunday.

When President Obama was asked by a group of Arab-American leaders during a meeting last week on why he did not intend to launch a new peace process, the leader said that Israel was not ready to make concessions, the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, cited an official, who was present at the high-level meeting, as saying.

The official, who kept his identity anonymous, said the U.S. leader was frustrated with fruitlessness of the peace process, claiming it would be pointless to pressure the Israeli government at this time.

Obama arrives on Wednesday for his first trip to the region as president.

At the luxurious King David hotel in Jerusalem, where the president and his entourage will begin their stay, chefs have been busy finalizing special dishes and anticipating the VIP requests, the Associated Press reported.

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