Solidarity!… Top Chicago Teacher’s Union Official Leads Protests in Athens, Greece

Unreal. Now the Chicago leftists are leading protests in Athens, Greece.
Jesse Sharkey, Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union joined the street protests in Greece this week. The protesters were organized against austerity cuts to education in Athens. Sharkey even gave a speech at the demonstration.
99 Get Smart reported:

Sharkey led chants of “Solidarity!”
EAG News reported:

The strike was caused by the attempt of the boss to cut teacher pay and link it to student test scores.

The strike was also caused by the terrible conditions in the working class schools in Chicago.

I’m proud to report that after 7 days of strike action, we stopped merit pay.

I’m proud to report that after 7 days of strike, the parents, teachers, students of Chicago stood together for a victory.

Your struggles in Greece are an inspiration to us in the United States. …

We must continue the struggle, continue the fight for our future.


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