Top Egyptian Cleric Dr. Khaled Said: U.S. Aid to Egypt Constitutes Jizya Tax (Video)

A top Egyptian cleric, Dr. Khaled Said, told an Egyptian-Saudi audience recently on Al-Hafez TV that the enormous aid the Obama Administration gives to the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt is essentially a jizya tax.
MEMRI reported:

Here’s the transcript via MEMRI:

Khaled Said: If the revolution declares a framework for dealing with the West and America – they will accept it, kiss our hands, and double the aid they give us. We consider this aid to be jizya [poll tax], not regular aid.

Interviewer: Is this the rhetoric of the revolution?

Khaled Said: It certainly is.

Interviewer: The aid the Americans give us is the jizya tax they have to pay?

Khaled Said: Yes, it is. They pay it for the right of passage through our airspace and territorial waters.

Interviewer: They pay to keep us quiet?

Khaled Said: They pay so that we will let them be.

Interviewer: Is that a fatwa?

Khaled Said: Indeed. The aid constitutes jizya.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry released $250 million in economic aid to Egypt last week.
It’s time to cut off these thugs.

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