Thousands of Cyprian Youths Protest EU Bailout Chanting “Our Future has Been Stolen” (Video)

Thousands of young people in Cyprus, answering a call put out on social networking site Facebook, took to the streets to protest against the bailout.
The students said their future has been stolen.

RT reported:
More than a thousand students have protested in Nicosia, against the last-ditch bailout deal the government struck with its creditors on Sunday. High school and university students marched to the presidential palace in the Cypriot capital, chanting slogans and saying their future has been stolen. That’s as the chairman of the Bank of Cyprus – the country’s largest financial institution – resigned, while all banks in the Mediterranean state remain closed until Thursday to prevent a massive run on accounts.

hitler merkel
The youth protesters carried a banner reading, “Hitler Merkel Same Sh*t.”

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