St. Louis Teen Sentenced to Year in Jail for Knock-Out Attack

Another St. Louis teen was sentenced to a year in jail for participating in a knock-out game attack.
wd townsend

Edward Townsend and a group of teens beat a 30 year-old male victim as he was walking near Central West End.
The Post-Dispatch reported:

St. Louis teen has been sentenced to a year in jail after admitting to randomly punching a man in the Central West End.

At the time of the May 4, 2012 incident, police said it appeared to be another instance of the so-called “knockout game,” what teens were calling random, attacks on strangers — purportedly a game to them.

The 30-year-old male victim was walking on the sidewalk in the 4600 block of McPherson Avenue about 10 p.m. when a group of teens approached. Police said Edward Townsend, then 17, punched the man. The victim, who sustained minor injuries, told police he tried to fight back and run but the group followed him and surrounded him.

Officers who responded took several teens into custody and then later released them to their parents.

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