Rand Paul Rejects AP’s Wrong Report on “Citizenship” for Illegals

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Senator Rand Paul criticized the Associated Press today for misrepresenting his immigration plan.
Paul told the Washington Post he didn’t use the word “citizenship” anywhere in his press conference.
World Net Daily reported:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., the winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll for 2016 only days ago, is denying an Associated Press report that he supports a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

The AP’s Erica Werner reported Paul told a Hispanic business group that illegal aliens should be allowed to become U.S. taxpayers and ultimately get a shot at citizenship.

However, Paul told the Washington Post, which carried the original story, the reporting was inaccurate.

“I didn’t use the word citizenship at all this morning,” he said. “Basically what I want to do is to expand the worker visa program, have border security and then as far as how people become citizens, there already is a process for how people become citizens.”

Paul said the “main difference is I wouldn’t have people be forced to go home.”

“You’d just get in line. But you get in the same line everyone is in,” he said.

At RedState.com, Erick Erickson backed Paul.

“I have read the entirely of Rand Paul’s speech. I have spoken directly to the senator,” he said. “Nowhere in his speech does he use the word ‘citizenship.’ In fact, the word citizen is only used once, in reference to Rand Paul himself saying, ‘As a teenager, I was not always the model citizen that I am today.’”

Rand Paul does not support amnesty.

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