Missouri Republicans Thwart Will of the People & Begin Obamacare Sellout

In August 2010 “Show Me State” voters showed Obamacare the door.
Missouri voters were the first in the country to reject the Obamacare healthcare law. A whopping 71% of Missourians voted against Obamacare.

Hundreds of Missouri conservatives rallied against Obamacare at Claire McCaskill’s office in St. Louis in 2009.

But, the will of the people be damned.
Missouri Republicans, who own a majority of seats in the state senate, are going to sellout to Obamacare.
Redstate reported:


Missouri State Senators Mike Parson and Tom Dempsey are working toward a cave on Obamacare as best they can in Missouri.

Senator Parson has filed SB 456, a “shell” of legislation into which multiple sources in and around the Missouri legislator expect they’ll put an expansion of Medicaid.

Over 70% of Missourians voted to oppose implementation of Obamacare in a ballot initiative, but several people I’ve spoken to said this legislation would act as an end run around the will of the people and be focused on Medicaid, without focusing on state exchanges, mandates, etc.

The result would still be the same.

The Missouri Senate President has handpicked a committee to look at expansion of Medicaid in Missouri and Speaker Timothy Jones has set up a working group.

Dana Loesch is going to talk with the Missouri speaker today on her radio show.

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