Israeli Film Director Screens Latest Project at French Film Festival… Then Muslims Beat Him Unconscious

Director Yariv Horowitz beaten unconscious by Muslim youths in France.

Muslim youths beat Israeli film director Yariv Horowitz unconscious after the screening of his film at the Aubagne film festival in France.
The Commentator reported:

A group of Arab youths have reportedly attacked an Israeli film director, Yariv Horowitz.

Horowitz, who directed the film “Rock the Casbah” was participating at a film festival in France when he was attacked by a group of Arab youths just before the film won the best film award.

He is reported to have lost consciousness and has been subsequently treated. Horowitz is said to have returned immediately to the festival after treatment. Authorities are estimating that the attack was racially motivated.

Horowitz, who represents Israel, was attacked immediately after the screening of the film by a group of Arab youths. The director lost consciousness and was treated at the festival. After recovering from the blows he received, he returned to the festival area in “good condition”.

At least they gave him an award.

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