AWFUL… Robbers Steal Girl Scout Cookie Money in California and Tucson (Video)

A Girl Scout troop in California was robbed this week of $460 of cookie money.
One of the scouts tore her sash while chasing down the robber.

In Tucson, Arizona, two Girl Scout troops selling cookies were robbed within 24 hours of each other.
KSDK reported:

Two Tucson, Arizona Girl Scout troops were robbed while selling cookies within 24 hours of each other, as thieves ran off with more than $500 combined.

One troop was hit on Saturday night as two young girls in their 20’s stole the Girl Scout troop’s cash box while outside of a Fry’s in midtown.

“They decided to steal our money box and they grabbed it and ran and got into a vehicle and drove off,” Micahela Everett said, a Girl Scout troop member.

It was a shocking crime that had folks talking everywhere.

“I hope they catch them, that’s ridiculous,” said Don Norton, an avid Girl Scout cookie customer.

Less than day after that robbery, another troop was targeted in front of a Bookman’s near Speedway and Wilmot.

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