Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Get Longer Speaking Slots at CPAC

sarah donald
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump in 2008 (ENews)

Conservative favorites Donald Trump and Sarah Palin were awarded longer speaking slots than their fellow Republicans at CPAC.

The National Review

Time to address conservatives from across the country at CPAC is a prime commodity, especially for politicians eyeing a 2016 run — and it’s not being distributed equally.

According to an internal draft of the minute-by-minute schedule at CPAC, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Scott Walker are each slated to give 13-minute remarks on the main stage. Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, however, get eleven minutes to deliver their comments. Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum is scheduled for a mere seven minutes.

The biggest winners in the time lottery are Sarah Palin (16 minutes) and Donald Trump (14 minutes). Palin and Trump are expected to be crowd-pleasers at CPAC: News of their respective appearances caused ticket sales to spike, according to a source.

Unfortunately, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were not allowed to participate this year.
That’s just wrong.

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