Congressional Members Raffle Off a Shotgun in US House Office Building

Members of the Congressional Sportmen’s Caucus raffled off a Browning Silver shotgun this week in the US House office building.
Red Alert Politics reported:

President Barack Obama may have to issue one more executive order on gun control once he finds out a shotgun was raffled off in a House of Representatives office building.

One of the main raffle prizes at Tuesday’s “Welcome to Congress” reception for members of the Congressional Sportmen’s Caucus was a Browning Silver shotgun, as BuzzFeed reported.

This is not too surprising considering the National Rifle Association was one of the event’s sponsors this year.


“The reception, which included 46 bipartisan Members of Congress, from both sides of the Capitol, focused on common issues of concern to sportsmen and women and served as an opportunity for members of the CSC to jointly agree on the need to move bipartisan, pro-sportsmen legislation in this Congress,” according to a statement from the caucus.

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