Colorado Sheriff on New Gun Laws: “There Is No Doubt In My Mind That I’m Not Going to Enforce These Laws” (Video)

Last week Colorado Sheriff John Cooke told reporters he would not enforce the new Democratic gun control laws.

Tonight Sheriff Cooke was on with Greta Van Susteren to discuss his comments.

“It’s an infringement of our rights. It’s not just the US Constitution but our state constitution… Plus, they are knee-jerk reactions, feel good bills to a tragedy and they’re not going to do anything for public safety and law enforcement. They are totally unenforceable… People down at the capitol, and I’m assuming the governor, are not happy with me for taking this stance. I believe there are a large number of sheriffs that are standing with me… I know there are several sheriffs that are going to do the same things I am and are not going to enforce these bills… There is absolutely no doubt in my mind I am not going to enforce these laws.”

Sheriff Cooke also said he’s received hundreds of supportive emails since he said he would not enforce the unconstitutional Democratic laws.

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