Ben Carson on MSNBC Hack Touré: “He’s Lying, Namecalling… It’s a trick we learned in Third Grade” (Video)

Dr. Ben Carson was on Hannity tonight speaking truth to justice.
Carson responded to the awful racist attacks by MSNBC’s Touré this past week. The pediatric neurourgeon had this to say,

“Well first of all the individual who was just speaking completely has his facts incorrect. Some people refuse to say the word, but I’ll say it. He’s lying… I think when people don’t have anything worthwhile to talk about, and they can’t attack you on your character then they start calling you names. This is a trick we learned back in the third grade… Everything for them is about race. I like to say the reason I don’t talk about race that often is because I’m a neurosurgeon. And I look at the thing that actually makes the person who they are. It’s not the cover. But for them the cover is everything. because they’re very superficial thinkers.

From your mouth to God’s ears, Doctor.

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