Obama Says Al-Qaeda Is Finished …(Al-Qaeda Says They Have Scud Missiles)

scud missiles

Well, Mr. President..
. It looks like Al-Qaeda is not defeated after all.
In fact, Al-Qaeda just captured some scud missiles.
Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage reported:

Hmm this is a tough one. Whom to believe? The man who set the Muslim world on fire and unleashed the Islamist takeover of entire countries. Or Al Qaeda.

In any case, Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the local Al Qaeda affiliated groups, claims to have captured a bunch of Scud missiles. They are reportedly planning to turn them into orphanages for the poor or possibly kill a lot of people. There’s just no way to know.

Syrian rebels affiliated with al-Qaeda recently captured a Syrian military depot containing Scud missiles, according to reports in Arab media outlets. The reports differ on whether the site, located in the east of the country, also contained chemical warheads.

al qaeda syria
An undated photo of Al-Amir Gazi al-Haj, one of the “princes,” or top leaders, of Jahbat al-Nusra, an Islamist rebel group in Syria the United States has designated a terrorist organization. (Syrian Institute for Press Care)

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