50+ Federal Agents Raid Gun Right’s Advocate & YouTube Actor’s Home

FPS Russia is a very popular YouTube Channel consisting of videos involving weapons and explosives. The channel specializes in producing video with rare and entertaining weapons.
The actor, Kyle Myers, speaks with a Russian accent but is a Georgia native.
Here he is demonstrating a AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun.

Federal agents raided Kyle Myers’ home Wednesday night in Georgia.
Guns Saves Lives reported:

FPSRussia is one of the most well known Youtube channels on Youtube.

Georgia native Kyle Myers speaks with a Russian accent and demonstrates using some of rarest and most entertaining weapons on the planet.

Myers business partner was found murdered in his office back in January.

Police would not say if a 40+ officer raid on the actor’s home was in connection to that murder.

Authorities said the search was for illegal explosives.

Myers often blows up cars, refrigerators, and other objects in his Youtube videos.

921WLHR reported:


New developments in the ongoing investigation into the shooting death of Keith Ratliff – the owner of FPS Industries in Carnesville.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas, federal investigators descended on Carnesville and Hart County Wednesday with warrants.

“On March 25th we were notified by agents with the ATF in Atlanta that they would be executing two search warrants signed by a federal magistrates,” Thomas said. “One (warrant) in Franklin County and one Hart County. I notified the Hart County Sheriff and at 9a Wednesday morning, our officers met with the ATF agents at the Franklin County location.”

Thomas would not say whose property was searched nor what was taken away from that property, but confirmed the searches are in connection with the Ratliff homicide investigation.

In Hart County, Sheriff Mike Cleveland said about 50 ATF and GBI agents converged on the farm owned by FPS Russia host Kyle Myers and Keith Ratliff, which sits mainly in Hart County but also straddles about four acres in Franklin County on Misty Mill and Caney Branch Roads.

“They were conducting an investigation regarding the explosives the pair were using on their You Tube show,” Cleveland said. “They were blowing up cars and other things in Hart County on their farm. Agents were looking for explosives or anything connected to explosives that would have put them in violation of federal law.”

Cleveland said Myers and Ratliff were using a kind of explosives that has to be mixed together.

“The way I understand it they were using Tannerite. It’s legal up to a certain amount and agents were looking for any violations of federal guidelines,” Cleveland said.

Tannerite is the brand name for an ammonium nitrate/aluminum powder-based explosive used mainly for target practice. The chemicals are shipped separately and have to be combined on site.

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