Will NBC Stand By Their ’30 Rock-Head’ After Alleged Racist Slurs?

Guest post by Andrew Marcus

Does NBC support racist and misogynist actors?
baldin coon
(NY Post)

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin crawled out from under his 30 Rock just long enough to allegedly assault a reporter and call a black photographer a “coon,” a “drug dealer,” and a “crackhead.” It seems they had the temerity to ask Baldwin an uncomfortable question about a lawsuit.


In the context of Baldwin’s infamous hate filled voicemail tirade towards his daughter several years ago (available here), it’s possible the 54 year old (soon to be father) was simply treating these journalists like family.

On the other hand, if the alleged behavior is true, it’s also possible Alec Baldwin is a violent misogynist with racist leanings. Not exactly a poster child for the Peacock Network of NBC.

Or is he?

NBC has a difficult choice to make. Baldwin is the star of 30 Rock, and he’s a frequently featured guest on Saturday Night Live, therefore NBC needs to decide if they’re going to side with the dignity of women and minorities by taking these charges seriously, or if they’re going to stand behind their star no matter what behavior he exhibits.

These are serious charges and the serious response would be to pull Alec Baldwin off the air until this matter is resolved. Anything short of pulling Baldwin off the air is the equivalent of silence, and silence is consent.

If NBC ignores these accusations, and keeps their sugar daddy Capital One pitchman on the air, they will essentially be sending the message that racism, as well as violence against women, is acceptable.

So what’s it going to be NBC? You can love him or leave him but you can’t do both. Do you stand for the dignity of the alleged victims of your employee’s rage, or do you hate women and coons too?

Of course, the choice is only difficult because Alec is a big liberal.

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Andrew Marcus is the Writer-Director of Hating Breitbart which will be released into theaters/DVD/VOD on May 17th.

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