What Rubbish… Obama Official: We Get 7 to 9 Dollars Back for Every Dollar Spent on Pre-School Programs (Video)

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan discussed the president’s early childhood initiative announced in his SOTU Address on Happening Now this morning.

“This is a really big deal. And I was so pleased to see the president put emphasis on this in the State of the Union. Jenna, study after study show this is the best investment we can make is get our young people prepared to enter kindergarten. And for every dollar we spend we probably get back seven, eight, nine dollars in return.”

Really, Arne?… Really?
We’re supposed to believe every dollar spent on preschool programs get back seven to nine dollars in return?
What rubbish.
These people will say anything to ram through their agenda.

In January 2010, the Obama administration released its first grade evaluation of the federal Head Start program. The results show that the $7 billion per year program provides little benefit to children – and great expense to taxpayers.

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