Stephen Colbert Stumps for His Lib Sister in South Carolina By Insulting “Crazy” Voters (Video)

Stephen Colbert endorsed his liberal sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress.

The far left comedian urged voters from the “crazy state” of South Carolina to vote for his lib sister.

The Week reported:


Colbert talked up his sister, whom he referred to as “Lulu,” describing her as tough, hardworking, and a self-made success. Colbert took a jab at House Republicans, citing their refusal to vote on the Violence Against Women Act as evidence of the need for “more women and more sensible legislators in Washington.” Plus, the comedian said, Colbert Busch has a quality rare in South Carolina politics — “she’s sane! I love South Carolina, but we’re a crazy state!… All the way, you know, from John C. Calhoun’s Nullification Act in the 1840s up to the jaw-dropping fact that it is possible that Lulu’s opponent will be the former governor of the Appalachian Trail, Mark Sanford. It’s a crazy state!

Gee, that ought to help his sister. Insulting the voters is always a great campaign tactic.

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