Seth MacFarlane to Rush Limbaugh: “I Kinda Understand How Conservatives Feel About the Media Now”

Rush Limbaugh told his listeners that Seth MacFarlane wrote him and said,
“I kind of understand how you conservatives feel about the media now.”
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MacFarlane hosted the Academy Awards on Sunday night.
Rush has appeared on Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy three times.
Rush Limbaugh reported:

As you know, I have appeared on the Family Guy TV show three times, and one time was the focal point.

I’ve been in the recording studio with Seth, and I don’t care what you think of him: The man is profoundly, supremely talented. Now, there are a lot of characterizations about how he uses it and what direction he takes it, but there’s no denying his talent, and he’s a profoundly hard worker. I sent him an attaboy note yesterday morning. I sent him a wish-you-well kind of note. He wrote back and said, “You know what? I kind of understand how you conservatives feel about the media now.”

Because they were already proclaiming him the worst host ever before the show had even aired.
I mean, 12 hours before the show. MacFarlane… Here’s the way to understand this. In one of the press conferences before this thing happened, MacFarlane is telling the media… I’ll have to paraphrase this, but his line was, “Hi, I’m Seth MacFarlane, and I’m hosting the Oscars — and if you don’t understand what that means, go ask your kids,” meaning, “I own the young demographic.”

That’s what they were trying to do here: Get the young demographic, and he owns the 18 to 40. That’s what his Family Guy show aims at. Not commenting on, you know, when you like it or not in terms of culturally. There is some stuff that rubs people the wrong way, like the John Wilkes Booth joke. Did you hear about that, Snerdley? (interruption) Oh, you didn’t watch? Oh, well, this one got everybody kind of in a tizzy. He was talking about the first actor to ever actually play Lincoln was not Daniel Day-Lewis, or the first movie that was made about Lincoln.

It was somebody back in the forties, some obscure actor, but he said the only actor who has really gotten inside the head of Lincoln is John Wilkes Booth. You could sense there was a nervousness and a pause, and when the joke bombed, MacFarlane said, “Well, wait. It’s been 150 years and it still isn’t long enough? We still haven’t had enough time go by?” Anyway, folks, there were a lot of things about it I saw, since I watched this from front to back for the first time and I’ve read some of the reviews. Now, get this.

On Tuesday Seth MacFarlane said he’d never host the Oscar’s again.

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