Primary Election Tuesday: Elect Republican Paul McKinley to Replace Crook Jesse Jackson Jr.

The primary election is Tuesday in the Second Congressional District primary to replace crook Jesse Jackson Jr. as representative.
Republican Paul McKinley released this final ad for the primary…
Republican Paul McKinley to Replace Jesse Jr: “The Machine is Panicking”

They are expecting low turnout for the primary tomorrow in Chicago due to snow.
ABC Local reported:

The number of candidates running for congressman of the 2nd Congressional District is high, but turnout is expected to be low for Tuesday special election.

The 2nd Congressional District includes parts of Chicago’s South Side and south suburbs.

Merle Tholen drove ten miles to the Kankakee County Courthouse to vote early in the 2nd Congressional Democratic Primary.

“I’m a hunter,” Tholen said. He’s outraged by the gun control campaign ads sponsored by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Political Action Committee.

“He needs to keep his nose out of Illinois, plain and simple,” Tholen said. “[I’ve] got shotguns that are semi-automatic and they’re going after them so I say, ‘Leave us alone’.”

In reliably Republican Kankakee County, early voters have taken three times as many Democratic ballots. But Clerk Bruce Clark suggests by the time polls close next Tuesday there won’t be enough votes in either primary to make a difference.

“Typically, if the trends continue like this, we’ll have a little over a 10-percent turnout,” Kankakee County Clerk Bruce Clark said.

Early voting is slow in Chicago and Cook County, too, where the vast majority of 2nd district registered Democrats live.

Hopefully, Paul McKinley will have a good day tomorrow – despite the weather.

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