President Pantywaist Wants a Softer Gentler Football Game

obama football

President Killjoy was on television today before the Super Bowl.

Barack Obama said he wanted football to “evolve.”
The Washington Times reported, via Politomix:

President Obama provided a bit of pre-Super Bowl buzz-kill Sunday by saying that he believed football needs to make changes in order to reduce concussion risks.

“I want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep the sport safer,” said Mr. Obama in a pre-Super Bowl interview with CBS anchor Scott Pelley. “That means the game’s probably going to evolve a little bit.”

The president, who said last month that he would think twice about allowing a son to play football, emphasized that the changes should be made at the youth and college level as opposed to the National Football League, given that NFL players are “grown men, they’re well-compensated, they know the risks that are involved.”

“For those of us who like to see a big hit, and enjoy the rock ‘em, sock ‘em elements of the game, we’re probably going to be occasionally frustrated,” Mr. Obama said.

Whenever a Democrat starts talking about evolving you know it’s going to suck.

Obama also said he wanted to see gays in the Boy Scouts.

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