Outrageous… Comcast Drops ALL Gun Shop Ads From Its Nationwide Cable Network

In the latest attack on gun owners – Comcast drops all gun shop ads from its nationwide cable network–

This is how it is in the new America.
A constitutional and very moral product is being targeted by the thugs in politics… While they force us to watch condom and impotence ads on a regular basis.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

ABC12 reported:


A gun shop owner said firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers are being targeted unfairly after Comcast announces it’s dropping all gun shop ads from its nationwide cable network.

The cable company recently acquired NBC Universal and this is a long standing policy there.

When a local ad agency recently placed an order for Williams Gun Sight in Davison Township, it was denied. Owner Tom Wright said he’ll take his business elsewhere.

“I thought it was ridiculous, we are a legitimate business, we have been here for 80 years,” he said.

Business has never been better at Williams Gun Sight Company in Davison Township. It was earlier this year when Wright decided to re-run a 30 second spot on cable television, only to find out he couldn’t. “There’s no reason why we can’t promote what we believe in and something that’s guaranteed under the Second Amendment,” he said.

Andrea Olson is a media buyer for Canadian American, the local ad agency who originally placed the order. Olson said the agency’s owner was outraged. “He thinks this is a direct infringement on our constitutional rights and links it to gun control, and he’s a member of the NRA and passionate about the issue,” she said.

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