Obama to Call for Cuts in US Nuclear Arsenal Tonight – On Same Day as North Korean Nuke Test

Barack Obama is reportedly going to call for more cuts in the US nuclear arsenal tonight.
The North Koreans just completed another nuclear test today.
Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.52.25 AM
The nuclear test recorded a 5.1 on the Richter scale.

Barack Obama will call propose sweeping new cuts in the US nuclear arsenal tonight in his State of the Union Address.
The Telegraph reported:

Barack Obama is expected to propose sweeping new cuts to America’s nuclear weapons arsenal on Tuesday when he delivers his annual State of Union, arms control experts said, as the re-elected President searches for a long-term legacy for his second term.

The proposal to cut the US strategic warhead arsenal by up 40 per cent could save billions of dollars and take America another step closer to the long-term goal – avowed by Mr Obama in his landmark speech in Prague in 2009 – of a nuclear-free world.

Although Mr Obama is not expected to give precise numbers in his speech, reports yesterday claimed that the number of warheads could be cut from 1,700 to as low as 1,000, if a mutual agreement can be secured with Russia.

Mr Obama believes that “pretty radical reductions” can be made to the arsenal, a left-over from the Cold War, and US military leaders have “signed off” on the proposed reductions, the New York Times reported, citing anonymous administration officials.

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