More Bad News for Generations X, Y and Z… It Looks Like You’re Stuck With an Aging Infrastructure, Too

Was the Greatest Generation followed by the Worst Generation?
It sure looks that way.
baby boomers
The free love generation wanted a free lunch and stuck their grandchildren with the bill.

As if Generations X, Y and Z did not have enough problems to deal with, the aging transportation infrastructure is also a major concern.
American Interest reported, via Instapundit:

Rising oil and gas prices are hitting people hard enough, but now state legislators are raising gas taxes too, looking to find funds to repair aging transportation infrastructure…

…It’s yet another case of the boomer generation stealing from younger generations. Besides promising themselves fat pensions that they refused to save money or tax themselves to pay for, the boomers let the country’s infrastructure run down. The next generation is already staggering under a rising tax burden, student loan debt, and retirees’ massive health care bills. On top of all this, they now have to pay through the nose just to keep the roads, bridges, and tunnels in good repair after years of neglect and deferred maintenance.

Are the boomers just incompetent narcissists, or are they the worst generation in American history?

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