Mass Murderer Chris Dorner Called Father of Shooting Victim and Taunted Him About His Daughter’s Death

Mass murdering cop killer Chris Dorner called the father of one of his victims and taunted him about his daughter’s death.
Police say ex-cop Dorner was bent on exacting revenge after he was fired. (LA Times)

Meanwhile the left is cheering this evil bastard.

The Daily Mail reported:


The fugitive ex-cop who is wanted for three murders called the father of one of his alleged victims to taunt him about his daughter’s death, it was revealed today.

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, is suspected of shooting Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence in their car in Irvine, California, last Sunday as ‘punishment’ against her father Randall Quan, a former Los Angeles police captain.

Dorner wrote online that he blames Quan for his 2009 firing from the LAPD. Quan represented Dorner at the review board hearings that led to his dismissal.

The LAPD urged Dorner to turn himself in and on Sunday offered a $1million reward for information leading to his arrest.

But tension among officers is growing as they fear that the highly-trained ex-cop might target the star-studded Grammy awards.

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