Kirstin Powers: When I Heard the Cop Killer Wrote a Manifesto “I Said Please God Not a Single Person From FOX News” (Video)

An honest liberal.
Kirstin Powers was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the manifesto written by the far left California killer, Christopher Dorner. Here is Kirstin’s reaction to the manifesto,

“When I saw the news that he had written a manifesto and he had singled out cable hosts, the first thing I thought was please God don’t let there be a single person from FOX News. Because otherwise it will be completely FOX News’ fault even if there are other people in it.”

She won’t be a liberal long if she keeps up all this honesty.

Of course, the liberal media wasn’t very interested in the manifesto since it included Obama, Hillary and leftwing media cranks.

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