Jobless Man Self-Immolates in France After Benefits Cut

fire france
Fired up.
A jobless man in France set himself on fire today outside an unemployment office.
The Local reported:

An unemployed man in the town of Nantes in western France died on Wednesday after setting himself on fire outside a job centre.

French regional Ouest France reported that the 43-year-old died from his wounds at the scene.

The job centre, named Pôle Emploi in French, remains closed and police are on the scene.

It is not yet clear what drove the man to set himself on fire but it has been reported that he was about to lose his unemployment benefit. Europe1 radio reported the unemployed man believed he had done enough work to be entitled to further benefits. It is believed he alerted local media in Nantes to tell them he planned to set himself on fire.

The jobless rate in France is at a ten year high.

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