Israeli Officials: Obama Is Coming to Israel to Warn Netanyahu Against Attacking Iran

obama israel wall
The last time Obama was in Israel he posed for photos at the Wailing Wall. (Washington Post)

Israeli officials are convinced Barack Obama is coming to Israel for the first time in over four years to warn Netanyahu against attacking Iran.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

The main purpose of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel in the spring is to warn Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against attacking Iran, unnamed officials told Army Radio on Sunday.

According to the officials, the urgency of the trip is because in his speech to the United Nations in September, Netanyahu had flagged the spring of 2013 as a significant time in the context of the Iranian nuclear threat.

Therefore, they said, Obama is concerned that the prime minister will decide to attack Iran now when he is backed by a new government and can establish a new security cabinet, without Dan Meridor and Benny Begin, two Likud MKs and alleged opponents of such a strike who lost their Knesset seats in the recent elections.

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