Gross. Bill Maher Cracks Joke About Boy Scouts Having Oral Sex (Video)

What a repulsive man.
Liberal darling Bill Maher cracked a joke last night about Boy Scouts having oral sex.
Apparently, he was fresh out of Sarah Palin “c-nt” and “tw-t” jokes.

Via NewsBusters:

Here’s the transcript:


BILL MAHER: Other gay news, the Boy Scouts, you saw this, the Boy Scouts made this big announcement last week that they were going to allow the gays. Obama talked about it at the Super Bowl interview. Well, this week they said no they’re postponing the decision. Apparently the Boy Scouts were not prepared. I don’t know if this is significant, but they said they’re waiting on results of a study to find out whether poison ivy can be spread orally.

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