Goracle Drops in on Jeopardy to Promote Junk Science

Oh brother. Al Gore was on Jeopardy this week to promote global warming climate change junk science.
gore jeopardy
Put a sock in it, Al.

The Hill reported:

Former Vice President Gore dropped in on TV sets across the country Tuesday to offer his wisdom on The Future.

Gore read off clues on “Jeopardy!” in a category titled after his new book, The Future, which he is promoting nationwide.

Answer: “What is carbon dioxide?”

Gore has pushed to make sure President Obama doesn’t ignore carbon emissions, either.

The former vice president has long prodded Obama be more forceful on climate change. He and green groups want the president to use executive authority to curb emissions with Republicans appearing to close the congressional route for climate action.

Recent scientific data revealed the world stopped getting hotter 16 years ago.

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