FBI Arrests Malcolm X’s Grandson on Way to Tehran

The grandson of the late African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X was arrested on his way to Iran.
Malcolm Lateef Shabazz was planning on attending a Hollywoodism conference in Tehran when he was arrested.

x grandson

All Hip Hop News reported:

Malcolm X’s grandson and Muslim civil activist, Malcolm Lateef Shabazz has reportedly been arrested by FBI agents, according to reports from PressTV.

Prior to the arrest, the grandson to the civil rights icon was en route to Tehran, Iran for the third annual Hollywoodism International Conference held on Sunday (February 3rd). The FBI has refused to release information regarding Shabazz’s current whereabouts and the cause for the apparent arrest. The Hollywoodism International Conference hosts filmmakers, activists and scholars from across the globe to discuss issues facing world cinema and it being used as a vehicle for nationalistic propaganda.

Malcolm X is celebrated in Iran.

An Iranian university classroom includes posters of Malcolm X and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on the wall. (ISNA)

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