Far Left House Democrats Call For Special Envoy to Iran

Far left House Democrats led by Congresswoman Barbara Lee introduced a bill in the House which would create a high level Special Envoy to Iran. Original cosponsors of the “Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons and Stop War Through Diplomacy Act” include Representatives Earl Blumenauer, John Conyers, John Dingell, Keith Ellison, Rush Holt, Hank Johnson, James McGovern, Jim Moran, Betty McCollum, and Bobby Rush.

Democrat Cynthia McKinney, wearing a black veil, was the last Democrat to travel to Iran and meet with regime leaders. McKinney said she was ashamed of her country’s policies at a May 2011 event in Tehran. (ISNA)

Newsmax reported:


House Democrats have introduced a bill that would establish a diplomatic envoy in Tehran and mandate direct talks between Washington and Iran over its nuclear development plans.

California Rep. Barbara Lee, the legislation’s chief sponsor, said the measure is aimed at reversing the administration’s official “no contact” policy with Tehran, reports The Hill newspaper.

“The darkening clouds surrounding Iran’s nuclear program are troubling,” she said last week. “We must use all diplomatic tools available, including engaging in direct bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. To do that, we must lift the ‘no contact’ policy and begin negotiations.”

According to Lee’s summary of the bill, the new envoy would be instructed to pursue “direct, sustained, bilateral, and multilateral negotiations with the government of Iran in order to prevent war and support human rights.”

The legislation has 10 Democratic co-sponsors, but it’s unlikely it has enough support to win approval from the House, given the move toward imposing tighter sanctions on Iran.

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