Egyptian Opposition Group Signs Morsi Up for Space Trip

An Egyptian opposition group signed up President Mohammad Morsi for a chance to win a trip to space.
They don’t much like him.
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Opposition protesters in Cairo (Ironic Surrealism)

The AP reported:

An Egyptian opposition group is using a novel way to protest against President Mohammed Morsi: Sign him up for a chance to win a trip to space.

The April 6 Youth Movement said on its official Facebook page on Thursday that it had entered the Islamist leader’s name in the online contest because it wanted to be rid of him. It called on supporters to vote for the president so he’d have a chance to win the trip into space.

There was no immediate response from the president’s press office to an email seeking comment.

“For sure, no one in the universe can put up with blatant lies, reneging on promises except for the brotherly people of the moon,” the group wrote on its post.

“It is for this reason that the president needs your votes. President Morsi, we wish you safe travels.”

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