Ballsy Law Student Schools Uninformed Law Officer on Gun Rights (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A video posted at the end of 2012 (a couple of months back) is gaining some steam now due to the current gun debate. A Facebook posting offers the following overview:

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Watch what happens when a policeman illegally stops a law student for carrying a gun… and the law student schools him on how he’s broken the law.

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Hat Tip GunsSaveLives who explains the video is from a Portland, ME law student and an advocate for open carry who teaches an uninformed police officer a few things about his rights. The article continues as follows:

The officer illegally stops the man, seizes his firearm, sweeps him with the loaded gun in the process, and refuses to return his gun for almost three minutes until his supervisor shows up and immediately says the student is free to go.

For those that aren’t aware, courts have ruled that the mere presence of a gun is not enough of a reason to stop and detain someone.

I know not everyone is an advocate for open carry, but you have to respect this young man for knowing his rights so well, knowing the case law that supports those rights and remaining cool and calm during the encounter. Also, despite the police officer inappropriately stopping the individual he did a great job staying cool and calm as well. He was also willing to call his supervisor and not escalate the situation.

Open carry is legal where the video was shot, please note that openly carrying a gun is not legal in every state.

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