Awful… Senate Democrats Fail to Pass a Single Sequester Bill in 15 Months

reid sad
What a mess.
After 15 months the US Senate, led by Harry Reid, failed to pass a single sequester bill. Two more bills failed in the senate this afternoon.
Nice work, Democrats. reported:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement after the Democratic-controlled Senate failed to pass legislation replacing President Obama’s sequester:

It’s embarrassing that after 15 months Senate Democrats still haven’t passed a single sequester replacement bill. The American people deserve better. Republicans in the House passed legislation almost a year ago in May, and again in December, to avert the president’s sequester and help put us on a path to a balanced budget. Now that today’s political stunt to raise taxes has failed, it’s time for the president and Senate Democrats to do the hard work that is necessary to pass a bill in the Senate so we can begin to resolve this issue.”

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