Actual CNN Rubio Graphic: “Career Ender?”

It was pretty clear last night after Marco Rubio’s response to the SOTU Adress what the media would focus on. The lapdog media wasn’t going to say anything about Barack Obama’s lies about the deficit (after four years of trillion dollar deficits) or putting millions of Americans back to work (when 23 million are either unemployed or underemployed) or Barack Obama’s lies about oil production (when the recent production is on private and not public lands).

No, we all knew the media was going to focus on Marco Rubio taking a swig of water.
But they’ve outdone themselves this time.
CNN is even suggesting it’s a “career ender?”
Via the Green Room:
career ender

The country is in severe crisis and the Obama-media is focusing on water bottles.
And, they wonder why they have no credibility?

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