VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Says Opponents of HHS Mandate “Must Be Willing to Go to Jail” (Video)

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told a radio host today that the opponents to Obama’s HHS abortion mandate must be willing to go to jail in order for it to be overturned.

“I think you’re going to see more Hobby Lobby’s out there. People who are just not willing to take this. Plenty of people are suing. I think part of this is the attack on the Catholic Church. And my local bishop said, “Well I told a group I’m willing to go to jail.” And I said, “Bishop don’t take this personally. You need to go to jail.” And what I mean by that is people need to see this play out all the way to its logical conclusion. And, this guy is making them do it. God bless him.”

What a hero.
Via On The Record:

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