Thanks to Journal News – New York Woman & Family Believes They Are Being Stalked Again By Predator (Video)

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant told reporters this afternoon that thanks to the Journal News releasing names and addresses of legal gun permit holders in two New York counties, at least one family belives they are being stalked again by a predator.

“This one narcotics officer from Westchester County just retired. Dedicated his whole career to protecting the citizens of Westchester County and they can’t protect him now. He said I’ve never been so fearful for the safety of my family… This one lady whose been stalked for years in West Chester County. She finally found peace, two years without the stalker contacting her. Two days after that paper released her information she gets hangups all night long. She lives in fear, her and her three daughters.”

Via Hannity:

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant also joined America Live this afternoon and was asked by Megyn Kelly what, if anything, would make him turn over the records, Sant said,


“You’re going to have to bring me into court, sue me and we’ll just go the whole nine yards on this situation. I’m not backing down.”

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