Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives Have No Credibility With Low-Info Crowd Because We Don’t Defend Our Own

Since the reelection of failed President Barack Obama conservatives have been asking what we can do to compete with the Obama-media complex. How do we compete with a left-wing media that has declared war on conservatism?

Today Rush offered a bit of advice on this important subject.
Rush’s advice – Unite!
From The Rush Limbaugh Show, via Free Republic:

Last night at the Golden Globes, Kathryn and I watched this HBO movie Game Change, the movie adaptation of the book. I told you we watched it and if it weren’t for the fact that we were working, we’da walked out. It was a cartoon. The book was not primarily about Palin, but the movie was all about Palin, and it mischaracterized her, it insulted her, it told things that were not true about her, from the standpoint of McCain campaign consultants. People like Steve Schmidt.

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The critics of Sarah Palin in this movie were other Republicans. How embarrassed of her they were. How ashamed of her they were. How they couldn’t even vote for McCain because they were so afraid that she might someday be president. Well, this show last night won three Golden Globes, and you know why? It won three Golden Globes so that everybody involved could walk up to the stage and once again bash Sarah Palin, knowing full well there wouldn’t be anybody there to defend her, knowing full well there isn’t gonna be anybody today defending her. And once the left targets anybody for destruction, there’s nothing standing in their way. So this is the procedure, this is how it happens. But even last night, awarding this movie three Golden Globes, and Julianne Moore, the actress that played Palin, I don’t know if she won a Golden Globe or not.

Tina Fey, the last year that I was on the list of Barbara Walters’ top Ten Most Fascinating Americans, the last time was two or three years ago, Tina Fey was in it for impersonating Sarah Palin, one of the Ten Most Fascinating People. She didn’t make it as Tina Fey, she made it as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. She ended up being one of Barbara Walters’ Ten Most Fascinating because of her impersonation of Palin. Meanwhile, Palin is not in the list, and yet an impersonator is. So it’s clear as a bell to me why it’s tough to find a conservative in the media with any credibility with low-information voters. Every one of them has been taken out. There are other reasons why conservatives aren’t defended. The conservative movement is in a constant battle for people in it who want to be seen as the leader, who want to be seen as the smartest person in the room, who want to be seen as the go-to person.

And so somebody getting a lot of media attention is a threat, just in a high school jealousy sense, is a threat. So you take ’em out, you help take ’em out. It keeps the pathway cleared for you, whoever you are, if you want to be the go-to conservative for the media or the leader of the conservative movement or what have you, if you want to be perceived as such. So competition, lack of unity, fear of the left and a desire to be accepted by them all combine to result in conservative after conservative after conservative being tarred and feathered. And if they’re Tea Party conservatives, it’s even worse. They are universally panned, and they are never spoken up for by other Republicans.

Okay, I’m told Julianne Moore did win a Golden Globe. Well, even if she hadn’t won, they woulda sent her up there to accept the award for one of the other three so that she could once again bash Palin, ’cause they never let up. All right, that’s that. I wanted to get that out there because everybody calls here, and they have ever since I’ve been doing the show, “Rush, what can Republicans do?” The first thing they can do is unite. The first thing they can do is unite and start defending each other and not letting this character assassination succeed every time the left tries it.

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