Poland Opens Investigation of Swedish Artist for Using Ashes of Holocaust Victims in Painting

Swedish artist Carl Michael Hausswolf claims he used ashes of Holocaust victims from Majdanek concentration camp in his painting.

Polish authorities have opened an investigation into a artist’s claim he used the ashes in one of his paintings.
The AP reported”

Polish prosecutors have opened an investigation into a Swedish artist’s claim that he used the ashes of Holocaust victims to make a painting.

The artist, Carl Michael Hausswolf, wrote on the website of a gallery in Lund, Sweden, last year that he made a painting using ashes that he took from crematorium furnaces in Majdanek, a former Nazi German death camp located in eastern Poland, on a visit there in 1989.

Spokeswoman Beata Syk-Jankowska said Tuesday that local prosecutors have opened an investigation to check whether there is truth to his claim. She said there is no evidence and prosecutors are acting on media reports. Swedish investigators will be asked for assistance.

A review in the Swedish-language newspaper Sydsvenskan of the gallery shows Hausswolf’s painting. (New York Daily News)


As of Dec. 12, 2012 the Martin Bryder Gallery in Lund had pulled the painting from exhibition.

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