Wild! Massive Light Fixture Smashes South Dakota Wrestler – Chilling Video

South Dakota prep wrestler Michael McCormish was trained to face many obstacles but he never expected this.
A massive ceiling light fell right on top of him during his match.

From the video:

To win the annual Madison Square Garden tournament, a South Dakota prep wrestling staple held at Madison High, Madison senior Michael McCormish knew he would have to overcome a number of obstacles, a tough opponent and an extra dose of hype among them. What he never imagined was that his school’s own signature light fixture would be the unforeseen challenge to take him out.

As first noted by Bob’s Blitz, McCormish was the victim of a terrifying action during a bout against a wrestler for Chamberlain High when the giant, iridescent-style light fixture that provides a solitary spotlight on the wrestlers in the Madison Square Garden tournament came crashing down as McCormish set up to start on bottom of a re-start. The crash was horrifying, with the fixture itself appearing to almost gobble the senior wrestler up.

Quick medical attention ensured that McCormish was safe, even if the crash startled and shook up all the wrestlers and those in attendance.

Remarkably, McCormish later tweeted that he was fine, and that the injuries he suffered from the crash only caused minor cosmetic damage, consisting mostly of a handful of stitches on the senior’s forehead.

He’s lucky he was in the position he was in, or this incident could have been much worse.

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