Mark Levin Slams CBS Crank Bob Schieffer: He’s a ‘Phony Journalist,’ ‘Propagandist’ And Obama ‘Cheerleader’ (Video)

Good for Mark….
Conservative Mark Levin slammed CBS crank Bob Schieffer yesterday as a “phony journalist”, “propagandist” and an Obama “cheerleader.”
FOX Nation reported:

Mediaite has the transcript:

I want to explain something to this phony journalist, to this pretend dinosaur here. We can’t stop murder in federal prisons you idiot. We can’t in state prisons, in county jails, in city jails where people are behind bars, where the government controls their every movement, when they take a crap, when they take a shower, when they eat their meals, when they exercise. Everything is controlled, and we can’t control murder and rape and assaults in our prison system. And suddenly, it’s not the country he remembers if we can’t prevent these things in the future.

Yesterday, after Barack Obama’s gun control speech, Bob Schieffer likened Obama “taking on the gun lobby” to the hunt for Bin Laden and “defeating the Nazis.”

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