Hillary Clinton Chokes Up During Benghazi Testimony – Defends Response After 4 Americans Murdered (Video)

The attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi came in two waves on the night of 9-11.
Four Americans were murdered in a coordinated attack by reportedly 400 Islamists.
It was a highly coordinated attack.

The bloodstained walls reveal that the US officials were dragged to their death.

There will be blood: A Libyan man explains that the bloodstains on the column are from one the American staff members who grabbed the edge of the column while he was evacuated, after an attack that killed four Americans on September 11tt. (Daily Mail)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday defended the administration’s response the night of the September 2012 terror attack in Libya, testifying in prepared remarks that there were “no delays in decision-making” despite accounts to the contrary.


Hillary choked up when she talked about meeting the families of the slaughtered Americans.

During her testimony this morning on the Benghazi massacre, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton choked up talking about the slaughtered Americans at the Benghazi Consulate.

Flashback: Fallen SEALs Father: Hillary Told Me at Funeral “We’re Going to Arrest and Prosecute” the YouTube Director (Video)

Here is a copy of Hillary’s testimony this morning.

So far the testimony is a bust.
No one has challenged Hillary with any difficult questions on the massacre.

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