Hah! Sen. Rand Paul Busts John Kerry: Do You Believe in Candidate or President Obama on War Powers Clause? (Video)

Senator Rand Paul thumped Secretary of State nominee John Kerry today at his hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today. Right out of the blocks, Senator Paul stumped Genghis John with a question on the War Powers Clause of the US Constitution,

“I believe in candidate Barack Obama who said in 2007 that the president doesn’t have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack. I’d like to know if you agree with me candidate Barack Obama or if you agree with President Barack Obama who took us to war in Libya without Congressional authority unilaterally?”

Rand Paul then went to bust Kerry for double-standard on Libya and Cambodia.

Paul was ready for the hearing unlike most of the other senators with the exception of Senator Marco Rubio.

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