Figures. Obama Campaign Goes to NBC for Donations (Video)

They don’t even try to hide their liberal bias anymore.
media is bought
(Doug Ross)

The Obama Campaign is now going out to media outlets and asking for donations.
No doubt, they’ll be eager to pitch in.

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Real Clear Politics reported:

CHUCK TODD: Michael, I want to focus on two parts here that you’ve been looking into. One, is the designation as a 501c4. What are the benefits for a political group to do that?

MICHAEL ISIKOFF, NBC NEWS: This is the new route that advocacy groups use.

TODD: Crossroads, American Crossroads!

ISIKOFF: This model can accept unlimited corporate donations and not disclose where they come from, and use them for all sorts of political ads. Now, they’ve followed, the Obama people have now followed the Karl Rove model.

They’re openly pitching corporate donations. In fact, the opening pitch was sponsored by a group called Business Forward. A lot of big companies, Dow Chemical, Duke Energy.

TODD: A lot of tech companies.

ISIKOFF: Comcast, part owner of NBC was part of it.

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