Disturbing Video Shows Arab Mob Attacking Hareidi Jews Near Wailing Wall

Two Hareidi Jews were attacked after praying at the Wailing Wall this week in Jerusalem.
The youths threw snowballs, tripped and kicked the Jews as they tried to flee.

Arutz Sheva reported:

A disturbing video began circulating on Facebook Saturday evening. It shows a group of about 20 Arabs ganging up on two helpless Hareidi Jews, kicking one of them, hurling snowballs in their faces and humiliating them. At one point, one of the Jews falls to the ground, apparently slipping on the ice as he is chased up some steps.

The attack apparently took place near Shechem Gate. The Jews were most likely on their way back from praying at the Kotel. Border Police who are usually stationed in the area are nowhere to be seen.

Many find the scene reminiscent of 1930s Germany, at least in terms of the Arabs’ sheer gall and feeling of invulnerability.

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