Busted. Bill O’Reilly Exposes Colin Powell as Absolute Hypocrite (Video)

In an exclusive interview, Bill O’Reilly spoke to Colin Powell today.
Powell said he voted for Obama because he like his economic policies. That was very bizarre.
FOX Nation reported:

The former secretary of state told O’Reilly that he voted for President Obama twice because he didn’t think the economic plans put forth by the Republican campaigns were “suited for times we were in.”

O’Reilly reminded him that Barack Obama’s policies were an absolute failure… and especially bad for blacks. Even the NAACP leader says so.

So then Powell started to talking about those insulting racist comments by Republicans. The same racist comments that were made by Democrats that didn’t seem to bother him.


Here’s the video:

There’s really only two reasons why Colin Powell could support Obama. The obvious reason is because Barack Obama is black. The only other explanation would be that Colin Powell is a big government liberal. These are no other possible explanations.

FOX Nation has more.

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