Awesome! Donald Trump Releases Video in Support of Benjamin Netanyahu

American real estate mogul Donald Trump released a video today in support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump, a staunch supporter of Israel, endorsed Netanyahu as an “exceptional person” who is the right one for Isreal during these troubling times.
“Vote for Benjamin, terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

Israel National News reported:

Donald Trump, the millionaire American real estate developer and television celebrity, on Tuesday endorsed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for reelection. In a video released Tuesday, Trump is seen calling Netanyahu “an amazing person, and an exceptional person,” deserving of the support of every Israeli.

The effort to get Trump to endorse Netanyahu was the idea of Jonny Daniels, an Israeli public relations agent who counts among his clients many American celebrities and business officials in Israel. Daniels asked Trump to endorse Netanyahu and the Likud, in order to stress the importance of reelecting the Prime Minister for Israelis.

Daniels said that Trump responded enthusiastically, creating the endorsement video. “Donald Trump is a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people, and despite the fact that he does not have business ties with Israel, Trump chose to endorse Netanyahu, based on his belief that reelecting the Prime Minister will be good for Israel.”

The Jew-haters on the left will love this.

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