Al-Shabaab Terrorists Say They Killed French Hostage Denis Allex in Somalia

Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia say they have executed French hostage Denis Allex who had been held hostage for three years.
Press TV reported:

Somalia’s al-Shabab fighters say they have executed a French secret agent after an operation by French commandoes failed to free the man held by the group for three years.

“16:30 GMT, Wednesday, 16 January, 2013. Denis Allex is executed,” the group said on its Twitter feed Thursday.

A senior member of the al-Shabab group has confirmed the report.

“Audio and video are available and will be released any time we decide,” the unidentified official said, adding the French man was killed in Bulomarer town, located in south of the capital Mogadishu.

Here is the tweet from the Al-Shabaab Twitter page:

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